POS Products

POS products – advertising materia which are used for the purpose of promotion or trademark in the promotion places. They promote the growth of brand recognition and in accordance with the increasing product sales.

The range of promotional products, which is usually determined by POS-materials, very huge and extended several times due to the fact that the market take root more and more new ideas. To easily navigate the purpose of any kind of POS-material, we recommend to use the advice of our professionals, who will answer for all your questions and choose an effective advertising medium:

  • Plates: plastic, wood, glass, composite. The positive effect of visitor about company will only increase with competent and stylish advertising on the plate that carries information function.

  • Stands for goods. Production of stands of acrylic (plexiglas) is characterized by the strength and durability. This is a necessary addition to the racks and shelves for industrial or food products, printed materials, footwear, clothing and much more.

  • Growth figures – advertising design, made in full size. They are characterized by low weight and mobility, can be located indoors and outdoors. Material: plastic, PVC, composite.

  • Stoppers – a kind of POS-materials that emphasize the range or brand on store shelves. The final effect of the use of stoppers – increase sales and help the customer in finding the desired product in the sales area. Stoppers can be custom shapes and volumes. The basis for the manufacture of stoppers – plastic.


  • Information stands – a highly effective form of advertising media, dedicated to the demonstration of the product or placing different information. Information boards may be used to accommodate the booklets, price lists and other useful for reference materials. Our range includes both simple stands and extraordinary and unusual advertising media.

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  • Mobile stands – easy to transport, very quickly assembled and disassembled. They are used for the purpose of advertising promotions and demonstrations, if you want to effectively present information about a product, brand or company. Promotional mobile stand will provide an opportunity for a short time and at an affordable price to issue any place and attract potential buyers.

  • Standers (streetlines) – it outrigger design that are placed on the sidewalks to attract consumers. Main information located on the base. One-sided and two-sided pillars easy to use, durable and stable.

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  • Framelights – a slim design with light frame and illuminated on all four sides. Framelight has several advantages: an effective advertising tool, easy replacement of the image, low weight, cost-effective, easy installation.

These types of promotional products need to be interested in human interest to the service or product, to emphasize their advantages and stimulate the potential consumer to make a purchase.

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