Outdoor Advertising

Lightbox – a 3D structure, where image is illuminated from the inside, the front side is made of a material that transmits light, back and sides are made of metal or PVC plastic, thereby lightbox illuminated at any time. To create a spectacular and visible signage in indoor and outdoor advertising light boxes used, such an advertisement is seen at night, as demand in restaurants and cafes – light menu (menu-boards). The backlight can be made in any color.

We produce lightbox any shape, structure, size:

  • one-sided
  • double-sided
  • shaped
  • frieze (composite lightbox)

The basis of the lightbox is made of composite, PVC, galvanized iron.

Front panel – acrylic composite.

Advertising information inscribed on the front panel with the film, wide-format printing or UV-printing.

Lightbox inside is illuminated by fluorescent lamps, LED and neon ribbons.

Our managers will choose wisely materials, calculate the cost of manufacturing and installation of the lightbox.

Acrylights – a sign with illuminated, made of organic glass with image or text by engraving or printing. Basis acrylights – transparent acrylic, up to 10 mm wide. Acrylights illuminated by fluorescent lamps and LEDs with one or more parties. Illumination can be any color.

The main types of acrylights:

  • desktop
  • wall – mounted
  • floor
  • suspended

Benefits of acrylights:

  • economy
  • strength
  • use as outdoor advertising and interior decoration
  • durability

The company “Biz-ON” performs a complex of works on manufacturing acrylights.

Acrylights cost will depend on the size of the panel, the engraving image complexity, for more information please call or email us.


Sideboard – 3D signboards or flat design construction, which is placed on a building facade or indoors for information and advertising customers of your organization.


The sign combines almost all types of outdoor advertising.

We produce these types of signs:

  • Banner sign
  • A sign-boxing
  • Illuminated signs
  • Neon sign
  • Not light signboards
  • 3D letters
  • Roof installation
  • Flatreliefed elements
  • Interior sign

Quality sign necessarily attract attention and will act effectively to attract your customers.

Making signs for the shopping center, business center, shop, office, supermarket, club, for exhibitions, presentations, interior, hotels, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, banks, car dealers and other organizations.

We will carry out everything that your sign will be visible and memorable among other companies.

Cost of sideboard isdepend on the materials, size, light elements, the complexity of manufacturing and assembling.

Advertising stele – a multifunctional structure that contains information about the product or company is located along the road, near the shopping centers, business centers, car dealerships, gas stations and directly on the company premises. This robust design, which can be seen from a great distance.

Stele unlimited size, it is possible to combine the light elements, dimensional letters, logos.

We make these kinds of stele:

  • curly
  • narrow
  • volume
  • index
  • pyramid

The cost depends on the stele of the desired size, design complexity.

We will help you to choose the stele, which is most suitable for your company!

Advertising pylon – a small structure, which is designed to place information about a product, company or to advertise more than one organization. Pylon performs a navigation function. It fits like a stele along the road or inside buildings. Pylons can be unilateral, bilateral, trilateral, the frame is made of metal and is mounted on the foundation.

Types of pylons:

  • indices
  • street
  • information
  • interior

Pylons can be made of various shapes, with or without, with various elements, logos, light boxes, any degree of complexity.

Pylons help navigate the location of the organization, are the original pointer.

The main advantages of the pylons:

  • to attract attention
  • durability
  • diverse design
  • sustainability
  • affordable price

пилон 1

Company Biz-On will manufacture advertising pylons on an individual project for you.

Panel-mounting bracket – a kind of light box, advertising design with side mounted can be any shape and size, placed perpendicular to the facade of a building or attached to a pole.

We produce panel – mounting brackets:

  • one-sided
  • double-sided
  • curly
  • illuminated
  • not illuminated
  • interior

Panel-mounting bracket can be used as a pointer. The use of external and internal illumination.

The cost of the panel – mounting the bracket is dependent on the complexity of the design, the size, the materials used, construction.

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