Elements of Interior Design

Interior design is the ideal design of the premises of the internal space. Very important to select and combine the elements of interior design to create an elegant and stylish design, that they created a whole composition. Therefore, the main object of the interior design is considered, forming and combination of all elements.

Company Biz-On will produce for you the various elements of the interior design:

Lamps – considered to be a true work of art. They are able to create an extraordinary atmosphere of comfort and relax. Lamps will make your interior design unique.

Lighting columns – a real decoration of the premises are used for decorative lighting from warm to cold light. There is also the opportunity make lighting columns colored. Light makes visual comfort, convenience and harmonious light distribution. Ordering a light column, you will create unique interior that will delight you and your clients long years.

Paintings create a warm atmosphere and harmony in the home, office, restaurant and in any place. This interior design fit for connoisseurs of art. We can print any images, photographs. We print on canvas, photo paper.

Aquacameras or water-bubble panel, columns are very popular abroad, where they decorate buildings, offices, restaurants and clubs, They are just beginning to emerge in Ukraine. A water-bubble panel is a tube made of an organic glass, mounted on the platform. Coating bases made of plastic, colored acrylic. The inner light can automatically change the color.

Biofireplaces – unique opportunity to diversify interior design, fill by heat energy all house. Biofireplace create a special atmosphere of elegance. This versatile design can be ordered on personal sketches.


Other examples of interior design elements :

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